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Affected by heavy rain, hurricane, cyclone, or fire? Get support right here! Levine Group provides services to businesses as well as individuals affected by any kind of disaster. We will give you helpful tips and tools to navigate the claim insurance. Levine Group is there to provide comfort and stress-free after a natural disaster.
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Hurricanes are an act of God and cannot be prevented. We start documenting the damage to the property and personal property right away. Inventorying contents in the home is crucial and necessary to prove the value and items that you had at the time of loss. Try to secure all insurance information and record of all the contents and images of the property.
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Water damage can be due to various reasons like flooding, heavy rain, leaking room, leaking pipes, melting snow and so on. when there is any kind of damage from water, the first thing you should do is file a home insurance claim. Faster you make the claim, quicker will be the survey for damage. Move all undamaged possessions from the affected place and properly document all damages.
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When there is damage from fire, a home owner’s insurance coverage can come to help in different instances. Minor fire is certainly a burden to daily life and at times, can be even expensive too. Whether it is major or minor fire damage, quick action is imperative. Your home has sustained fire, hence, file a home insurance claim as quickly as possible. Documenting the losses will be the second important step.
We make every effort to act swiftly and mitigate the damage to your property or business. We won’t sacrifice maximizing your claim, for a quick turnaround because in the end, having the settlement you need to make all repairs is what really matters. For any kind of claim, get in touch with Levine Group right now!

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Levine Group exceeded our expectations with their exceptional care, professionalism, and sensitivity in handling our case. As a result, we received double the payout the insurance company initially offered. Thank you for your expertise! We feel truly empowered and grateful!

Anna Woods


What a great idea!! I had no idea that you could even hire your own adjuster until they represented the business where I work. We suffered really an unfortunate loss that managed to get the carrier to change their mind and cover our loss. The insurance company even denied to extend coverage, if we don’t hire a public adjuster. Great experience of working with Levine Group team!!

Natalie Jones


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Andrew Morris

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Rebuild & Recover: Disaster Claims Relief Accelerator

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Rapid Response: Empowering Disaster Claims Recovery

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Our Disaster Relief Accelerator project aims to revolutionize the claims process for those affected by natural disasters. Utilizing advanced technology and streamlined workflows, we ensure swift and compassionate resolutions, helping communities rebuild and recover with resilience.