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Your partner on ground

In times of disaster, everyone needs someone by their side. We are here for you always!

Assisting communities and individuals to prepare for, respond to and recover from all kinds of natural disasters. As a public adjuster, our sole interest is your LOSS and to ensure that you get full claim from the Insurance Company.

Commercial Claims

Maximizing your bottom line by recovering commercial claims efficiently and effectively.

Disaster Claims

Restoring hope and rebuilding lives through swift and compassionate disaster claims recovery.

Residential Claims

Getting you back home with hassle-free residential claims recovery.

Heineken Claims

From keg to claim, we'll tap into solutions that pour satisfaction with Heineken claims recovery.
Our Mission

Levine Group Fights for You

Filling a property insurance claim? Don’t forget to hire a public adjuster, especially if the claim is for a large damage. We, at Levine Group, will inspect your property loss to help you in determining the severity of the damage. We help individuals and businesses to make the right estimate for the loss. We have competent professionals who will not leave any stone unturned when it is about calculating your costs that you might have not known or forgotten.
Submitting a detailed and accurate claim is crucial for getting right insurance amount so that the claim covers the entire property loss. Levine Group is here to assist you in this matter! Remember that no insurance company will voluntarily pay more than the amount claimed.


residential & commercial claims

By streamlining processes and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we expedited commercial and residential claims, surpassing client expectations, and achieving 20% faster settlement times

Your trusted partner for fast and efficient commercial and residential claims, delivering satisfaction with every settlement.


Our services make us the best

Anna Woods

Levine Group exceeded our expectations with their exceptional care, professionalism, and sensitivity in handling our case. As a result, we received double the payout the insurance company initially offered. Thank you for your expertise! We feel truly empowered and grateful!

Anna Woods

Natalie Jones

What a great idea!! I had no idea that you could even hire your own adjuster until they represented the business where I work. We suffered really an unfortunate loss that managed to get the carrier to change their mind and cover our loss. The insurance company even denied to extend coverage, if we don’t hire a public adjuster. Great experience of working with Levine Group team!!

Natalie Jones

Andrew Morris

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Andrew Morris

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