The Levine Group offers a full-service treatment of the claim.

Hurricanes are an act of god and cannot be prevented. How we go about the recovery after all is said and done is what matters. We will start to document the damage to the property and personal property right away. Inventorying contents in the home is crucial and necessary to prove the value and items that you had at the time of loss.

Our Advice to All Homeowners

If possible, take a few steps prior to evacuating (if that’s mandatory for an impending storm)

Try to keep all insurance information, policies and documents together as best you can so you know where it’s all located when it’s time to report the claim.

Create a comprehensive home inventory. Keep a record of all the contents and images of the property. A quick walk through with a video camera is a great and easy way to go about that.

Keep all receipts and documents of any extra expenses you incur. Hotel stay or purchases you may have made due to not having something you needed, such as daily essentials.

Keep a copy of who you spoke to and the claim number for future reference.

How we Handle Your Claim

We make every effort to act swiftly and mitigate the damage to your property or business. Time is certainly of the essence because every day that goes by without a settlement is a day that your family and business are not back to the way they were. Getting you back home is our biggest goal.

While the claims process is not as fast as we may like, we won’t sacrifice maximizing your claim, for a quick turnaround because at the end, having the settlement you need to make all repairs is what really matters.

Let us get you back on your feet and handle the claim for you.

Have Questions About Hurricane Claims?

The Levine Group offers a full-service treatment of the claim. The main goal of our firm is that handle each and every claim as if it was our own.


The Levine Group, Inc. are public insurance adjusters, licensed and bonded by the State Insurance Department of New York. Their function is to prepare and present your claim to the insurance company and their adjusters in a way that results in a speedy and amicable settlement.

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