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Wind damage can vary in severity. You can have a roof ripped off due to high winds, you can have trees blown into houses or buildings. You can also have wind damage that’s not as visible as what was previously mentioned. You may have a structural issue where the building has shifted off its foundation. You may not notice things at first if it’s not a gaping hole in the roof, but it can be just as, if not more damaging then a small roof hole.


Every year windstorms and hailstorms cause tremendous damage to property across the nation. The Levine Group has engineers, roofing experts and infrared cameras that can precisely point out the source of the problem. We then document, prepare and submit your claim to your insurance carrier.

Wind Damage

In case of wind damage, we offer a wide range of services –

 Water damage repairing
Shoring up an unstable structure
Emergency response
Reconstruction services
Tree removal
Cleaning, packing and storage

We take every step necessary to protect your home from further damage, as stated in your policy. We will get your house boarded up and secured as needed. We have a crew of restoration contractors who can determine exactly what needs to be done in order to get you back to pre-loss condition

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A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry, to get your property back to pre-damage condition.


The Levine Group, Inc. are public insurance adjusters, licensed and bonded by the State Insurance Department of New York. Their function is to prepare and present your claim to the insurance company and their adjusters in a way that results in a speedy and amicable settlement.

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