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Damage to your home can be devastating! A house fire can do extensive damage. Your home is most likely your biggest investment and making sure your claim is handled properly should be your first priority. Our firm works with you to make sure your claim is handled quickly and efficiently while maximizing the payout.

How can we help you?

Our expert adjusters work with you to document your claim

We prepare a detailed inventory of all the personal belongings like furniture, clothing,
electronics etc
We also document damages caused to other structures on the property such as detached garages, sheds, pools, fences etc

If you have a rent paying tenant, and your policy has coverage for loss of rent we will prepare a loss of rents claim for you as well.

We will also work with you to set up a temporary living situation for you while the claim is being handled, whether it’s a hotel, trailer or rental home .

Our experts take photographs of all the damage immediately.

Every client we work with gets the same white glove treatment they deserve.

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A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry, to get your property back to the previous condition.


The Levine Group, Inc. are public insurance adjusters, licensed and bonded by the State Insurance Department of New York. Their function is to prepare and present your claim to the insurance company and their adjusters in a way that results in a speedy and amicable settlement.

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