Things to do

after a Fire

A fire is certainly something that people never think will happen to them. People often feel fires only happen to other people and on TV and movies. After a fire, and once everyone is safe and the fire is out, you should try and salvage valuables immediately

Medical information
Insurance information
Other valuables like jewelry, checkbooks, credit cards and so on.

Things to Do after

Fire Damage

After you have secured your valuables and made sure everyone is safe, there are a few things to do
Do not touch the area or room where the fire has originated in.
Do not discard any damaged items. Even if you feel certain things are garbage, everything has a value!
Do not take any medications that have been exposed to fire or smoke.
Make temporary emergency repairs (which we can assist with) Boarding up of broken windows, tarping the roof if there are any openings etc
Take videos and pictures of damaged property of your business or home. These videos and pictures help verify items that may be in questions during the claims process.
Save all receipts for items you may have purchased after the fire.

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