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The Levine Group has extensive experience in handling commercial claims.

We had boots on the ground after numerous hurricanes that ripped through Florida, the Caribbean and of course Super Storm Sandy. Experience plays a major role in making sure the claim is handled properly and that our clients receive every penny they are entitled to. If you don’t know what you’re entitled to then you won’t get what you are entitled to. The insurance company is looking to pay out as little as possible for your damages. Our firm makes sure that not only do they pay you what they owe, but that we maximize the payout on the claim.

If your business has damage and you can no longer operate, you will start to lose money. Plain and simple. Our goal is to document your lost business due to the covered insurance claim, get you advance money on the claim to keep you up and running and expedite the claim to get you back in business as quickly as possible. We understand that time really is money when it comes to your business and we strive to make sure you are compensated as quickly and favorably as possible.

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Areas of Experience of The Levine Group

We have experience in the following fields –
Marine Equipment
High Rise Buildings
Corporate Office Buildings
Manufacturing Plants
Loss of Income
Shopping Centers

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The Levine Group, Inc. are public insurance adjusters, licensed and bonded by the State Insurance Department of New York. Their function is to prepare and present your claim to the insurance company and their adjusters in a way that results in a speedy and amicable settlement.

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