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The misconception is that people assume the insurance companies are their friends and will give them everything they are entitled to. Insurance is a business, and with that said, they are in the business to pay you just enough to do the repairs. Our job is to maximize your settlement in a timely manner. Having property damage is stressful enough but having to handle the process of a claim on top of that can be overwhelming.

We are licensed throughout the country. Should you have homes or businesses in different states, we have the staff to get there at any time and handle all claims. No need to worry about getting to the location yourself.

When you have a claim and try and handle it yourself, you run the risk of leaving money on the table due to simple inexperience and not knowing exactly what you’re entitled to. Simply put, if you don’t know to ask for it, the insurance company certainly won’t offer it up to you.

The Levine Group

  • The Levine Group is a privately owned and operated public adjusting company. We are experts in assessing property damage resulting in settlements far greater than what the insurance companies would like to pay.

  • With over 50 years of experience in handling all types of property claims on behalf of the policy holder, The Levine Group has an unbridled track record of favorable settlements.
    When handling claims, the knowledge and experience are paramount, but the relationships with the insurance carrier and their adjusters are equally as important.


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You don’t represent yourself in court. You hire an experienced and well-versed attorney to represent you. When you have an insurance claim, hire an experienced and well-versed firm like ours. The insurance company will always have their own interest at hand when handling your claim. We make sure to have YOUR interest on hand, we work for YOU!


The Levine Group, Inc. are public insurance adjusters, licensed and bonded by the State Insurance Department of New York. Their function is to prepare and present your claim to the insurance company and their adjusters in a way that results in a speedy and amicable settlement.

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